Hi, it is Svetlana.  I developed this web site for my family and friends.  This is my story. I came to the United States from Ukraine, Donetsk City in 1996.There were many projects I was involved to for last few years, but I decided not to list all of this here, because it is just too much. Other moms ask me how I have time to do all this while finding time for all of my kids. Well, I do not know, I had to do what I had to do to keep myself busy just not going insane with my little girls who are close in age and still fight for every little thing in our house.I love to give many free advices, as many Ukrainians do, but not enough to call myself an expert in everything, that is why just for now I am trying to focus on is my carreer and on my family. Also me and my kids love to meet with our old friends and make a new ones.

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My web sites

This is real estate web site, helping home owners to sell their homes nationwide. I loved every minute working on this web site. We have home sellers from all over the world posting their homes for sale on this site, I worked on all stages of developing this web site and even did search engine optimization for this site

I have a non-profit organization helping chernobyl victims, I had many inquires about chernobyl catastrophe especially after the catastrophe in Japan which is similar to what we had in Ukraine in April of 1986. It is not easy to have non-profits in the US helping someone in Ukraine, but I can not give up the idea that someone needs it

I am working as a real estate broker/agent in Chicago suburbs, I am also part of Renatus Real estate investment group